Maybe it is because all the sights are new to my eye that I find travel photos some of the most satisfying photos to take. Taking photos somewhere I've never been before is exciting. My eye is fresh. I have no idea what I'll encounter and what will catch my interest. I think I learn the most from these photos because it is harder to prepare. I may not have with me the lens I want, or maybe only have a split second to grab a shot. I take what I can get and make the best of it.

The Roman Colosseum: Pixel 2 - ƒ/1.8 1/7813 4.442mm ISO57

I wish I had another shot at this one. This is the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy. I took this with my phone without a tripod and after several attempts, I wasn't able to get the photo the way I wanted it. I think I would have either needed to use a gradient filter or merge two exposures to get some detail in the moon and expose the bridge well. I'm still thrilled to have been in such a beautiful place on such a beautiful evening.

We were on our way one of the first in line at the Capitoline Museums one overcast morning in Rome, Italy. I believe were ascending some stairs when I turned and saw Romulus and Remus suckling in silhouette.

Near the Abbey of Monte Cassino, there is a World War 2 cemetery for Polish soldiers. The docent seemed both shocked and impressed to see Americans visiting. The battle of Monte Cassino is not a source of pride for Americans in the history of the war as we destroyed the beautiful Abbey with bombers for what turned out to be no justifiable reason. The battle is not widely known to Americans and very few ever visit. I would highly recommend anyone near Rome, take a trip to see this cemetery and nearby abbey.

This is my "Accidentally Wes Anderson" photo. I didn't see it at the time, but upon reviewing my photos, it was obvious. The location is the Abbey at Monte Cassino.

Pixel 2 - ƒ/1.8 1/157 4.442mm ISO55

Pixel 2 - ƒ/1.8 1/125 4.442mm ISO72

Pixel 2 - ƒ/1.8 1/468 4.442mm ISO63

Olympus TG-4 - ƒ/3.2 1/1250 5.5mm ISO100

This is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy. Part of the magic of Florence is the light and this picture does not do it any justice. In fact, this picture is terrible, but watching this building change from blue and white in the shade, to the aflame copper/gold colors in the evening light is spectacular.

Pixel 2 - ƒ/1.8 1/100 4.442mm ISO370

We were on a tour of the Roman Forum when our group passed a locked gate. As we passed, the guide said that we might normally stop there, but work was being done. I peered through the gate and into relative darkness. I knew my Pixel 5 had the "night sight" feature so I shoved my phone through the bars of the gate and took a photo. When I saw this image appear on the screen I was amazed. This "cave" was almost totally dark and the colors were not apparent from the other side of the gate. What the Pixel 5 camera can do is just magic.