My name is Don and photography is a hobby of mine. 

I make no claim to being an expert, but I do love to take pictures and want to share some of what I've done.  These photos have been taken over many years with many kinds of cameras.  

I know that many of these photos are less than gallery quality.  I'm still on a learning journey.   Nonetheless, I am proud of them and happy to share both my successes and mistakes 

Where I have the information, I will note the camera type and other metadata. As I look back, it is a good reminder that professional equipment is not needed to take great photos.  Most of what is here has been accomplished with very basic camera gear.

I first became interested in photography when I was in middle school. I remember doing a school project using infrared slide film (which I had just learned about).  So I really jumped into the deep end. I came back to study it in College where I took an Intro to Photography course. Since that time, I've been pursuing photography with various levels of intensity throughout my life.

I take more photos than ever these days given that there is always a phone in my pocket.  I tend not to carry a dedicated camera around with me unless I know I'll be taking photographs.  This is a habit I should probably get into.

I've owned numerous cameras over the decades.  Most of these were not especially good, but I've learned that the gear is not the most important part of the process.  I think my very first camera was a Kodak disc 4000 which was a fun camera for a kid, but was not very good.  The camera I had in college was a fully manual generic 35mm SLR I bought at a local Ritz Camera store.  That camera served me well for many years.

Flashforward after many point and shoot, DSLR, compact, and micro fourth thirds; I most recently bought a Fujifilm X-T4 and am very happy with it.  Hardly any of the photos that are on the site as of this posting have been taken with it, but that will change. 

In conclusion, I haven't yet determined the direction of this site, but I do hope it helps inspire others and provides motivation for me to get out and take more photographs.

Contact me @ shootorial@gmail.com if you have questions or suggestions for the site or fill out a form: